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February 2019 - Blog Entries

Future Thinking - Part 1

16th February 2019

Hello everyone and greetings from the Black Forest! This post is the first of many titled ‘Future Thinking’ where I talk about some visits or news about what the next chapter of my life and career could entail.

Over the past four days I've been staying near Lörrach which is on the southern German border with France and Switzerland just around the corner. I was actually born and lived around here until I was eight years old. Although it's good to be back, I can't get too settled yet… This is only the first of many visits I will be going in the near future to try and work out the best place for me to go to kickstart the next chapter of my life and career.

This week I've managed to squeeze in so many different activities in a four day visit. I first went for a trip to Karlsruhe to have a look at the city and facilities around there. I was amazed… Everything is so beautiful, I couldn't believe just how pretty a city could look! If this is the place I could go to live study and work I would be over the moon. The bonus about studying in Karlsruhe is that it's only a two hour journey and I'm back in the area which I lived for the first years of my life!

So the rest of the week, I was always busy doing something not to mention carrying on with my normal practice routine. I catched up with lots of friends and family around here, learned lots about what I need to live here (and study) and went on some amazing trips. Yesterday, I went up the Black Forest mountains to ‘Belchen’ where I saw over 300km of land and hills and at least three different countries. It was pretty spectacular and makes me very proud to be a girl born in the Black Forest. The option to come and live ‘back home’ (or a couple of hours away) is certainly very welcoming for me.

Your guess is as good as mine where I will be this time next year. But this certainly might be the area… Stay tuned!

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Working as a Team

9th February 2019

Hello Everyone and Welcome back to the life of Vanessa the Violinist. Hope you’ve all had a week filled with success and positivity… But also some time to relax, I realised a day ago how important it is to spend an hour or two away from the workroom to let my brain recharge.

Before I get started I need to mention that a friend of mine and composer Natasha Sofla who recently started a blog featured me on her blog site. Go to to see it. You will find out a little more about her and a few collaborations we have planned together on here in the near future… Stay tuned!

Last week I mentioned that playing with friends is one of the biggest benefits to being a musician. Today’s post involving my amazing duo partner and stunning pianist Radu Prisada is no exception.

We’ve been working together for nearly two years now. During this, I’ve learnt so much musically from him but most importantly our rehearsals and concerts are filled with so much positivity that I don’t get too wrapped round in what I am doing in the music and start to enjoy the performance together as a team. I am very fortunate to be able to play with such an outstanding musician that I can always count on to tell me what I need to hear in the most positive way possible, always has my back and just so happens to be a great friend too.

Playing with friends really is the best way to make music. To have all the support, energy and positive vibes that you need right there on stage next to you is the dream!

Recently we’ve been working on Grieg’s Violin Sonata No 3 in C minor. Which is the most popular of his three sonatas and there’s no surprise why… all three movements are unique and have so many amazing melodies that there is never a dull moment in the entire work. It’s been really fun working with Radu on this work and I’m looking forward to performing it very soon.

I’m really excited about some of the concerts we’ve got lined up together over the next few months. If you’re around these areas then please come and support us. Details are listed below:

Thursday 14th of March 2019: Loughborough Schools Music, LE11 2DU at 6:30pm. Repertoire to include: Dvořák Sonatina, Sarasate Carmen Fantasy and Grieg C minor Sonata.

Thursday 2nd of May 2019: St Dunstan and All Saints Church, Stepney High Street, London, E1 0NR. Repertoire to include: Dvořák Sonatina, Fauré Sonata No 1 in A, Sarasate Carmen Fantasy, Debussy Two preludes, Puerta Del Vino and Bruyères and Grieg Sonata No 3 in C minor.

If you can’t make these dates then don’t worry there will be other opportunities to hear us play. Stay tuned for further information.

You’ve read my post now go and ask your friends to play some chamber music together and enjoy working as a team!

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See you next time :)

Serenading Strings

2nd February 2019

Hello Everyone! We’ve all survived January.. Yay! Even though it’s still cold outside and there’s been some snow this week. But on the other side of the Atlantic in Canada they’ve had even worse snowy conditions.. My grandmother sent me some photos of the snow this week which is quite substantial to the tiny UK downfall including temperatures reaching something around -15 degrees. I wonder how people in the UK would cope in Canada?!

Even though it’s cold outside this hasn’t stopped me from working and practicing. It’s been a while since I told you about some projects that I’ve been doing so my next few posts will include some projects I am working towards.

I’ve been playing in a chamber group at college involving two violins and a viola. Even though there’s not much repertoire for us to play, we started looking at Dvorak Terzetto in C major. This is a lovely short work that I have wanted to learn for a number of years and so it’s a great opportunity to be able to work with violinist Ana Marta Aguiar and violist Jerome McGuinness.

Dvorak writes such beautiful music and this work doesn’t fail to have some stunning melodies and harmonies. It’s really interesting to be able to work with three melodic instruments, looking for the moments that everyone can shine and finding the special points of the piece that we can find a magical sound together.

It’s really exciting to be able to hear some of the amazing sounds that we’ve found already over the past couple of months of working together and I’m very excited to keep exploring this work and others further to see what more the three of us discover.

Playing with friends is what I consider to be one of the biggest benefits to being a musician. Listening to other people’s ideas and most importantly being able to perform with the biggest support on stage that any musician needs.. A truly inspiring experience!

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See you next week for some more projects I’m currently working towards! :)

Canadian Snow