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Blog Entries - April 2019

What Inspires You?

6th April 2019

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back to the life of Vanessa the Violinist! I hope you all saw my post during the week about Festival Fresco but if not you can find it underneath this post. It’s been a busy few weeks with concerts, organising future plans and deadlines looming all over the place.

Yesterday on my drive home for the Easter break I listened to a recording of the Mendelssohn Octet which brought back a lot of happy memories… This work truly has a very special place in the development of my violin playing career.

In the first ever Great Bowden Music Fest back in 2014 I had the amazing opportunity when I was only seventeen to perform this wonderful work with professional musicians which was one of the most inspiring experiences and was the last little step towards my decision to become a professional musician. Before this I was only really interested in playing the big violin concertos and violin virtuosic works but this experience opened my musical horizons into the world of chamber music which has become one of the centre parts of my violin journey.

I was asked in an interview a couple of months ago about what advice I would give to aspiring young musicians, this is what I wrote: ‘Go follow your dreams. Work really hard, stay inspired and motivated, and if you feel any of this slightly slip go back to something that inspires you. For me it’s listening to a performance I did of the Mendelssohn Octet with a professional group when I was only seventeen. Never let anyone tell you you’re not good enough, and prove them wrong! Stay positive!’.

It’s amazing that five years later, this work still gives me joy to listen to and reminds me of everything I’ve achieved not just as a violinist but as a chamber musician plus inspires me to carry on. I’m also extra excited that in the finale concert of the Great Bowden Music Fest 2019 I will be able to perform this great masterpiece again… This time as a graduate musician…. Scary!!!

I hope you enjoyed my post today and please leave me your comments in the comments section below. Stay updated by following my social media accounts on ‘vanessatheviolinist’.

See you next time :)


Photo by Peter Crowe

Festival Fresco

2nd April 2019

Hi Everyone!

Firstly apologies for my absence for a few weeks, I have been extremely busy preparing for all of Saint-Saens animals! More about that next time..

Just a quick note about the new music festival I am starting with my friend and colleague Natasha Sofla called Festival Fresco. This new and dynamic festival aims to bring high quality of music to the community of Altrincham and will also include as much of the local community as possible.

Those of you who know me will realise just how much of a dream it has been to start up my own music festival after the success of the Great Bowden Music Fest which my father started in 2014 and I'm so happy that this dream of mine is starting to come true.

The festival will take place during the 6th-8th of June at Altrincham Baptist Church and will have a variety of different styles of concerts. You can also hear me play a lot of different repertoire over the three days.

We've just launched our website, go check it out on and follow all the festival fresco accounts on social media for regular updates!

That's all for now.. See you all on Saturday!! :)