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Blog Entries - May 2019

Big Chapter.. Complete!

25th May 2019

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to the life of Vanessa the Violinist! I’ve had quite the week this week. Starting with picking up my Canadian grandparents from the airport last Sunday, followed by a quick trip to Geneva on Monday to play to a teacher, arriving back on Wednesday afternoon and then Thursday.. MY FINAL RECITAL!

My final recital is done and although I was a little nervous, It went ok. I am so grateful for the support of my closest friends and family that were all there to listen to me. It was a great way finish my four years at the RNCM and now I’m so excited to continue putting the plans together for the next stage of my life and violin career which will hopefully see me leaving the UK and moving abroad.

I’m now busy showing my grandparents around Manchester who haven’t been to the UK since I started in Manchester in 2015. Next week is a new type of busy preparing for the last assessments at college and then the start of Festival Fresco!

That’s all today, I’ll leave you with a selection of post final recital photos…

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My Canadian grandparents made it!

Celebrating with pianist and duo partner, Radu Prisada

Nearly Finished!

18th May 2019

Hey Guys! Welcome back to the life of Vanessa the Violinist. This is a quick one while I’m in the middle of a practice break getting ready for my final recital at the RNCM on Thursday…!! I can’t believe how fast my four years have gone and now I’m getting even more excited at exploring the next stage of my violin career.

I’ve been thinking a lot this week about why performing my final recital on Thursday is so important to me. This recital is a showcase of everything I’ve learnt over the past four years. Everything from the inspiration of my teacher who has taught me how to relax and enjoy playing every single note with ‘pleasant feelings’, to the inspiration of working with with my chamber music friends, my weekends spent singing in St Anns Choir which has not just been musically inspiring but my chance to relax away from the violin and of course having my parents there to clean up the blood, sweat and tears when things have been tough (it really does help to have parents that are musicians sometimes!). This recital is the end of a big chapter of my life which has not been the easiest and two years ago I wasn’t sure if I would get to where I am now but I have and I’m really proud of the stage I am at.

I’m so excited for the future but before that I can’t wait to showcase to some of my closest friends and family what I love about music and the violin. I’m also so fortunate to have my pianist, duo partner and close friend Radu Prisada right there playing with me on stage!

If you would like to come I would love to see you. It is on Thursday 23rd May at 6:40pm in Studio 6 at the RNCM.

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Being Passionate

11th May 2019

Hello Everyone and Welcome back after a long break from Vanessa the Violinist! My mind has been busy dealing with application forms, to concerts and trying to learn so much new music for concerts over the next two months as possible. As well as sort out the last few touches to my final recital programme on Thursday the 23rd of May (which anyone is welcome to attend!). But its all coming together and I’ve now got some more time to write!

Something that has struck me in the past week is as a musician how passionate we are about our instruments and the music we’re playing. Surely the reason some of us go down the professional route is to show your passion to the rest of the world? (and to perform as often as you can) So why is it that sometimes we get so tied up with the technique, trying to prove to the audience how great we are and beating ourselves up about every single mistake that we lose the reason why we perform.

I know I’ve been guilty of this and I’m sure every musician reading this post has felt this way at some point but I believe it is so important to get out of your head and enjoy every single beautiful note that you can get out of your instrument, as well as be spontaneous enough to play the same music differently every time you perform. When you’re on stage you’re there to show YOUR love of music, you can’t please everyone but if you can please yourself that’s the biggest achievement.

Stay relaxed and go show your passion on stage!

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