Vanessa White


Goodbye Manchester, Hello Great Bowden Music Fest!

29th June 2019

Hello Everyone and Welcome back to the life of Vanessa the Violinist! I'm writing this post while enjoying the sunshine in All Saints Park, Manchester where I have spent a lot of time relaxing from busy days at college over the years. This time, it's the last time I will be here as a student at the RNCM... I am feeling very strange about leaving Manchester but I am looking forward to what the future will bring. I just want to thank all the amazing people I've met here in Manchester, my choir friends, chamber music friends and everyone else that got me through the past four years. I wouldn't have accomplished what I have musically without the raging support of you all. THANK YOU!!!

This evening I am heading off back home to Great Bowden, Market Harborough for the best week of my year! GREAT BOWDEN MUSIC FEST 2019. What better way to start my new life in the music world? There are seven concerts over four days between the 4th-7th of July and I will be playing a lot. Come and listen to me performing works such as: Strauss Piano Quartet, Mendelssohn Octet, Brandenburg Concerto No 2, Grieg C minor Sonata, Doppler: Andante et Rondo and more! I get to perform with some of my favourite musicians as well as my parents. You'll see me post lots of photos this week from the festival so if you're curious at all to see what the Great Bowden Music Fest is all about, go to and book your tickets instantly as they're selling fast!

Anyway, I'm off to practice to get ready for the concerts! See you there :)

Wonderful things happen when you’re Ambitious

15th June 2019

Hey Guys! Welcome back to the life of Vanessa the Violinist. Hope you’re all not too sad about the never ending summer rain… It’s about time the sun came up don’t you think?!

In the past few weeks I’ve been running around like a headless chicken trying to prepare for the final recitals at college as well as running the start of Festival Fresco which took place last weekend. A lot of people told that I’m crazy to make myself that busy and of course I am. But being ambitious requires a lot of work and commitment to see the end results. When my family founded the Great Bowden Music Fest in 2014, I was really inspired by the process of organising concerts where I can play with some top class musicians and choose the repertoire I want to perform and the self satisfaction that comes afterwards from having achieved a concert that was enjoyed by the musicians and the audience. This inspired me before I started at the RNCM to launch another festival of my own as a long term goal.

A year ago I would never have imagined what I’ve achieved in the past few weeks. There’s not many that can say that at the same time as finishing their degree they have one of their biggest career goals beginning to be established. There’s a long way to go with Festival Fresco but I am so proud that I overcame my doubts and stresses and I now have the beginnings of my own music festival which I couldn’t have done without my amazing co founder Natasha Sofla.

A few years ago I was trying to overcome huge doubts in my ability as a violinist. My mindset was completely all over the place with really low confidence and nearly giving up on following through with the way I want to be able to play the violin. It was a dark time and not a place I wish to go back to or want to see anyone else go through. Having ambitions means you have to toughen up, forget about the negative comments or the people that try and put you in your place and focus on doing the best you can to achieve the sounds and performances you want. ONLY YOU know your personal visions so take the guidance, get into a practice room and work hard! Have no expectations and suddenly one day things will come back to surprise you.

Four years at the RNCM are now over, my future career is well underway but I am amazed at just how much I’ve achieved just from following my own personal ambitions to the fullest. I am so excited about the future but I want to thank all my Manchester friends for being by my side and supporting me through everything. It’s weird how I couldn’t wait to leave Manchester a few years ago and start a new life abroad but now I will definitely miss all the amazing people I have met and played with.

I hope you enjoyed my post today. Please comment below and if you haven’t already done so go follow my social media accounts on ‘vanessatheviolinist’.

See you next time (with hopefully better weather!)