Vanessa White


Fifteen Years Ago...

8th August 2019

Hello Everyone and Welcome back to the life of Vanessa the Violinist after a long break!

What’s been going on? Your answer is as good as mine! It’s been a very strange month and the realisation of ‘reality’ after having completed a four year course at a music conservatoire has still not entirely hit me. It’s a scary world and looking at the future is terrifying but also really exciting. Lots of people have told me that this time is actually the most exciting part of my life. So I’m ready to embrace every moment of this next chapter.

Those of you that have been around me over the past month or longer know that I haven’t had the easiest time adjusting to my new life away from being a student. The more the summer goes on and plans suddenly happen for me out the blue at the very last minute, the more I realise how exciting this next chapter of my life really is. I can do anything, go anywhere as long as I have the right attitude and the best morale possible.

So what have I been up to? Well at the beginning of July I took part in the annual highlight week of my year.. Great Bowden Music Fest 2019. Here I get to perform so much incredible chamber music with my favourite musicians and great friends. A few weeks later I took a trip to Tonbridge to help as an intern at a chamber music course for amateur/semi pro musicians. I had a really great time playing through a lot of chamber music in many different group combinations as well as meeting some incredible musicians also as interns and coaches on the course. After the course I drove around 280 miles back to Manchester for a few days to do some things for the future.

Now I have been spending the past two weeks taking a break from the crazy musical year I’ve had in the South of the Black Forest (Germany) enjoying beautiful scenery and catching up with friends and family.

Today is actually a very special day for me. Fifteen years ago today I moved away from Germany and over to the UK. The year before the 'big move' my parents told me the (horrifying) news in my favourite restaurant at the time (which after that meal quickly became the worst restaurant in the world...) that we were moving to the UK and as you can imagine I was very sad. I enjoyed every second of my eight years living in Germany and the thought of moving away seemed unimaginable. Although I am grateful in many ways that my parents made the decision to move over to the UK and I’m in a good position today, I always missed Germany.

For me today has given me the motivation I need to make it possible to find a way to bring my life back to Germany and continue my musical journey internationally and back in the land I’ve missed for so many years.

I believe that everyone needs a reason to be positive and motivate themselves to the next stage of great achievements and happiness and I’m so glad that my visit here in Germany and the anniversary of moving to the UK has given me the motivation and positivity to make my dream of moving back ‘home’ as much of a reality as I can.

So who knows where the future will take me, but I'm excited to find and work it all out in the coming year.

I hope you enjoyed my post today. Let me know what motivates you in your everyday life below. 

See you next time :)