Vanessa White


'Live one day at a time'

27th October 2019

Hello everyone and welcome back to the new season of Vanessa the Violinist!

I can only apologise for the lack of blogging. I could give you many reasons for the silence but mainly because my mindset is sometimes not as positive as I’d like it to be. Every day has been a different battle trying to deal with the future, some days I feel like I’m not getting anywhere, the next I’m motivated and positive. However, this week that all changed.

Nothing much new has happened apart from one lesson I believe has transformed my mindset… ‘Live one day at a time’. I realised that it’s really important to live in the present, not the future and certainly not the past. It’s the day I am living that motivates me to get up, do everything that inspires me and believe that what I’ve achieved today will guide me towards my dreams for the future.

So my positivity blogging continues with a very snappy first chapter! But it’s probably a good idea to let all of you that I’m now living in Brussels! My dream of moving away from the UK has begun. I will be spending four months here working twenty hours a week which gives me plenty of time to network, explore my options for the future and most importantly continue practicing and developing my playing. I am absolutely loving my new life post graduating and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Lastly, my blogging adventure began exactly a year ago today! I’m so glad that some of my stories have helped people to stay positive and believe in what they do and I hope this will continue.

Anyway, I’m now sitting in a hotel room in Cologne with a week off work and looking forward to heading back to Manchester for rehearsals and more on Tuesday. Will let you know next time what musical activities I am up to.

Until then, Have a great week and see you next time :)